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What are WPN’s?

Web or Browser Push Notifications are small messages that recipients opt to receive from trusted brands. They are independent of individual websites – they are aligned to particular web browsers and mobile applications.

In this way an audience can be reached any time they are online – they do not have to be on your website. They can be used to alert upcoming events, catalogue drops, promotional discounts etc, and are highly effective at driving users back to your website whenever they are online.

Highly customizable from both the end user perspective as well as from a back-end analytics point of view, push notifications allow specialized subscriber segmentation and detailed graph based statistics and testing.

Key Features

Adaptable Database Input

Supports all browsers – Windows/Mac/Laptop/Desktop & Mobile
Implement and be ready to go-live in 15 minutes
Configure One or Two step Web push Opt-In
Complete customization of two step messaging with Logo, Title, Description and Action buttons with website theming.
Detailed Subscriber Segmentation send messages to segments of the database by location, user actions (web pages visited etc), browser, platform/device etc
Campaign scheduling and AB Testing capabilities.
Detailed dashboard and campaign reporting – transparent user statistics and campaign analyisis

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