October 15, 2018

Media 365 launches Professionals Real Estate’s new campaign position “Leave it to Us “across Australia.

“Leave it to Us” is Professionals’ peace-of-mind assurance on the sale or management of their most important asset and was developed by Media 365 to answer the challenge of recent web-based entrants joining the myriad of choice across traditional agency models. The campaign serves to remind consumers of the value Professionals bring to sales and property management doubling down on their primary point of difference: good old-fashioned, reliable customer service.

Our research showed real estate consumers strongly value the advice and guidance of experienced agents on all property matters. Professionals agents know their local area well,know the value of local homes, how to market them and maximise their clients’ return.The key message with the marketing collateral is that a trusted relationship allows the home owner to distance themselves from the emotional bumps in selling or renting their property as well as adding significant financial value.

Media 365’s creative team’s position “Leave it to Us” reinforces the history, size and scale of Professionals Real Estate Group in Australia. It plays to the integrity of the brand. It’s a ‘final position’ which resonates as a total solution – one where the consumer can outsource the entire process of property sale and management. Importantly, it minimises the consumers’ lifestyle interruption with the whole process of selling or renting.

The central theme of the Corporate TVCs tells the story around the journey of life culminating in the position ‘We help make the journey easy – Leave it to Us’. Creative Director Jude Cotter has crafted an Instagram-style montage of images set to a lovely signature tune ‘Going Home’.

The Media 365 creative team is Jude Cotter, Cally Browning, Lauren Kapsanis & Bruce Filing.
For further information:
Bruce Filing
Ph 08 9227 8806