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What is MMS?

Membership Management System, or MMS, fully automates the management of your member database, its information distribution, and all associated administration tasks. Not only relevant for various clubs, associations and special interest groups, it also has applications for retail and industry.

Fully designed and developed by Media 365 in Perth WA, the cloud based proprietary software facilitates anytime, anywhere access across all web enabled devices, allowing large member databases to be effectively managed, maintained and communicated with.

With an industry-leading user interface, it allows straightforward customised content and statistics generation, and offers a host of options and task automation that will not only enable greater administration efficiency but also increase member engagement and retention.

In summary MMS by Media 365:

  • provides a unique, customisable Web-based solution for membership database management.
  • automates administrative tasks, statistical analysis and electronic communications with members.
  • enables your organization to more efficiently encourage member engagement, retention and increased individual spend.
  • simplifies accessibility and navigation with a modern, intuitive user interface.

Key Features

Adaptable Database Input

Custom fields – In addition to a standard set, create user-defined fields for member data to meet your needs
Membership registration – Add custom member application forms to website
Integration – Enable visitors to apply for or membership, renew, or register for events* via secure online forms that automatically create and update database profiles
Import/Export DB – Easily upload, modify and export to the database in moments from CSV/Excel
Schedule regular imports of data from FTP/API

Dynamic Member Segmentation

Segment members based on their attributes such as location, gender, custom fields and interaction/actions – page visits, clicks, signups, purchases etc
Send email and newsletters targeted by segment
Account for changing database characteristics – define rules once & generate the segments at run time for more accurate targeting eg age demographics or address/postcode/region changes etc

Customised Membership Tiers

Ability to define membership tiers with an array of membership cycle options — a year, month, week etc.
Automatic renewals* or expiration after a specified duration
Automatic notifications before expiry prompting members to renew & ability to renew through online payments*
Email reminders for renewals can be configured to be sent at 30 days, 7 days, 2 days, or 1 day in advance

Advanced Membership Portal & Admin Accounts

Allow users to login to their membership portal to manage membership details, renewals*/cancellations etc
View and redeem loyalty points**
Unlimited admin accounts to help manage the database
Set administrators for specific member lists and/or restrictions on certain profiles for secure list management

Effortless E-Newsletters

Easy to use WSIWYG email newsletter – which requires no experience in HTML
Templates included for most common use-cases which accommodates customized logo and text
Ability to import your newsletter using HTML
Fast and easy design process with drag & drop editor
Preview Desktop & Mobile rendering before sending
Ability to send the email immediately or at a defined schedule

Enhanced Email Marketing

Ability to generate automated, personalised Email marketing messages
Setup email marketing automatically based on user actions/events – eg birthdays, change of postcode etc
AB testing – define different wording for subject line or email content to identify which works best with target audience.
Run AB test for a pre-defined period
Automatically send the best version that works based on open rates and interactions such as clicks, page visits etc

Complete Email Automation

Set up once and then automatically send to a particular individual when that person meets a certain trigger through customised pre-defined templates. E.g. Cart reminders – automatically nudge users to checkout if they haven’t ordered items in cart for “x” days
Define automated events for different events in a member’s life – birthdays, school holidays, anniversary date of sign-up etc.

Safe Secure Email

Industry standard practices to prevent emails from being marked as spam
Custom email address with your domain
SPF authentication (Sender Policy Framework) – DNS entries of a domain that is recognized by the mail server of the recipient
DKIM: DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) authentication attaches a digital signature to your emails to attest the sender’s authenticity

Detailed Reporting, Stats & Tracking

Open Rates – track how many recipients have opened mails for each campaign
Click Rates – track recipient interactions on email for better segmentation
Unsubscribes – Every newsletter has an embedded unsubscribe link where recipients can easily unsubscribe at any time
Bounces – Bounces are emails that can’t be delivered temporarily (soft bounce) or not at all (hard bounce)
Reports – track users who mark the email as spam
Email –client analysis : overview of devices used

Customisation Depending on your requirements, further customisation options can be incorporated on a case by case basis.

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