Loyalty & Rewards System

What is LRS?

Loyalty & Rewards System, or LRS, is an additional feature of our Membership Management System platform. It offers our clients a complete package including loyalty points, rewards, and POS transaction monitoring.

Fully designed and developed by Media 365 in Perth WA, the cloud based proprietary software allows administrators define and customise not only the currency of the system itself but also the segmentation of users for individual / group targeting.

With a modern, intuitive user interface, it enables administrators to effectively monitor and manage the system, and end users self service management of their accounts and redemption of their accrued points.

In summary LRS by Media 365:

  • provides the complete set up and management of a system for loyalty points, rewards, and POS transaction monitoring.
  • automates  administrative tasks, statistical analysis, electronic communications and member interactions .
  • enables your organization to more efficiently encourage member engagement, retention, increased patronage and individual spend.
  • simplifies accessibility, navigation and tracking with a modern, intuitive user interface.


Key Features



      • Members issued with standard magnetic strip card and/or e-wallet app capability*
      • Custom fields – In addition to a standard set, create user-defined fields for member data to meet your needs
      • Collect data from online & offline touch points – eg directly from POS or from offline kiosks/ipads etc
      • Online – schedule automatic import of transactions/orders from any Point of Sales (POS) API/FTP location
      • Offline – CSV/Excel import
      • Card design and manufacturing costs will incur additional charges based on volume

Membership Tier & Segmentation

      • Allow members to sign up for free/paid membership tiers with automatic renewal management*
      • Define member segments based on member behavior and transaction attributes – eg. highest spenders, those who haven’t had any engagement for three months etc.
      • Integrate segmentation and membership tiers for newsletter targeting and reward earning rules

Points Earning Rule Defnitions

      • Ability to define complex points earning rules based on membership tier & segments in the membership database
      • Ability to define dynamic rules for a specific period, membership attributes such a store, location, payment method etc
      • Event based – for signups, first purchase, referrals etc
      • Transaction based – define points as percentage/fixed value of transaction/order value
      • Set automatic expiry of points based on the earning rule

Loyalty Rewards

      • Manage rewards – physical items, gift vouchers and the points
        required to redeem
      • Ability to use points + payment for redeeming certain items
      • Self Service redemption for members from their portal on web/mobile