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What is LMS?

Learning Management System, or LMS, fully automates the training, certification and e-Learning requirements of the modern organisation at all levels – from administration and content generation right through to results reporting and end user experience.

Fully designed and developed by Media 365 in Perth WA, the cloud based proprietary software facilitates anytime, anywhere access across all web enabled devices, allowing large groups to be trained, tested, and certified without the need for centralised face-to-face contact.

With an industry-leading user interface, it allows straightforward customised content and statistics generation, and offers a host of options to create unique e-Learning experiences that will increase staff competency and overall training efficiency.

In summary LMS by Media 365:

  • provides a unique, customisable Web-based solution for membership database management.
  • automates administrative tasks, statistical analysis and electronic communications with members.
  • enables your organization to more efficiently encourage member engagement, retention and increased individual spend.
  • simplifies accessibility and navigation with a modern, intuitive user interface.

Key Features

Customisable and compatible

Fully Customizable open source, white-label system.
Full Mobile device compatibility, integration with external systems, third party tools and current CMS.

User friendly content creation

Simple user interface to create an unlimited number of courses and exams.
Easily upload existing resources – documents, video, powerpoint etc

Locally created, managed and supported

Proprietary software from a Perth based company with included 24/7 phone support.
Comprehensive system maintenance and periodic upgrades.

Increased internal efficiency

Centralised management of users, courses, roles, analytics and report generation.
Eliminates double handling and delegation – free time for your training officers and administrators

Certification and individual profiling

Automatically maintains individual training records, scores and transcripts and provides custom certificates upon successful course completion.

Administration and user permissions

Determine required access levels and privileges from end user through to chief administrator

Messaging and notifications.

Send reminders and notifications for registered users for upcoming training dates, deadlines and events.
Students can communicate with support staff from within the system using a comment thread.

Course Calendar

Manage course dates, timeframes and activities

Safe Secure Email

Industry standard practices to prevent emails from being marked as spam
Custom email address with your domain
Custom email address with your domain
DKIM: DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) authentication attaches a digital signature to your emails to attest the sender’s authenticity

Detailed Reporting, Stats & Tracking

Open Rates – track how many recipients have opened mails for each campaign
Click Rates – track recipient interactions on email for better segmentation
Unsubscribes – Every newsletter has an embedded unsubscribe link where recipients can easily unsubscribe at any time
Bounces – Bounces are emails that can’t be delivered temporarily (soft bounce) or not at all (hard bounce)
Reports – track users who mark the email as spam
Email – client analysis : overview of devices used

Customisation Depending on your requirements, further customisation options can be incorporated on a case by case basis.

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