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Membership Management System, or MMS, fully automates the management of your member database, its information distribution,
and all associated administration tasks. Not only relevant for various clubs, associations and special interest groups,
it also has applications for retail and industry.

Fully designed and developed by Media 365 in Perth WA, the cloud based proprietary software facilitates anytime,
anywhere access across all web enabled devices, allowing large member databases to be effectively managed, maintained and communicated with.

With an industry-leading user interface, it allows straightforward customised content and statistics generation,
and offers a host of options and task automation that will not only enable greater administration efficiency
but also increase member engagement and retention.

In summary MMS by Media 365:

provides a unique, customisable Web-based solution for membership database management.
automates administrative tasks, statistical analysis and electronic communications with members.
enables your organization to more efficiently encourage member engagement, retention and increased individual spend.
simplifies accessibility and navigation with a modern, intuitive user interface.

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